0 Home: The Columbia Declaration

We, the undersigned members
of the present and former faculty of
Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary,
support the actions of the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

We are aware that many congregations are struggling with the actions of the  2009 Churchwide Assembly related to homosexuality.

We are also aware that other congregations are encouraged by these actions and  welcome the opportunity to live them out in their congregational life and mission.

We are professors at a seminary of the  ELCA that prepares qualified and approved candidates for ministry in the church as  pastors and lay rostered leaders.

We believe that the ELCA’s Assembly actions are  consistent with the biblical and Lutheran confessional tradition.  We  therefore support the opening of the roster of the ELCA to qualified and approved candidates  for ministry who are in lifelong, committed, publicly accountable, monogamous  same-sex relationships.  We also support the actions of the Assembly that create the possibility for individual congregations who so choose to bless same-sex unions.

We understand that faithful persons can disagree on the matters addressed in the resolutions passed by the Churchwide Assembly.  We commit ourselves to seeking and supporting ways for the ELCA to continue together in life and mission in the midst of these disagreements, and we offer the resources on this webpage to demonstrate how we as theologians of the church believe the actions of the Assembly are consistent with our biblical and confessional traditions.  We commend them to all thoughtful Christians and encourage and pray for those looking for a deeper understanding of these matters.

Present Faculty Members

The Rev. Dr. Julius Carroll, Associate Professor of Contextual Education
The Rev. Dr. Daryl S. (Tony) Everett, Dewey F. Beam Professor of Pastoral Care
Dr. Lynn Feider, Director of the Library and Professor of Bibliography
The Rev. Dr. Shauna Hannan, Assistant Professor of Homiletics
Dr. Robert D. Hawkins, Leonora G. McClurg Distinguished Professor of Worship and Music, Dean of Christ Chapel
Dr. Susan McArver, Professor of Church History and Educational Ministry
The Rev. Dr. Brian Peterson, Professor of New Testament
The Rev. Dr. James Thomas, Associate Professor of Church and Ministry and Director of African American Ministries

Retired and Emeriti Faculty

The Rev. Dr. H. George Anderson, President Emeritus
Dr. Agneta Enermalm – Tsiparis, Professor of New Testament, Emerita
The Rev. Dr. Carl F. W. Ficken, Professor of Theology and Culture, Emeritus
Dr. Scott H. Hendrix, Professor of Church History, Retired
The Rev. Dr. Paul T. Jersild, Professor of Theology and Ethics, Emeritus
The Rev. Dr. Nicholas K. Mays, Professor of Contextual Education, Emeritus
The Rev. Dr. Harold Park, Professor of Christian Education, Emeritus
The Rev. Dr. H. Frederick Reisz, President Emeritus
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Ridenhour, Professor of Homiletics, Emeritus
The Rev. Dr. Charles P. Sigel, Professor of New Testament, Emeritus